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Blandi International Dance Events

Blandi International Dance Events is a project born from an idea of Gianluca Blandi.

"When I decided to start this training course, I said it should have been something highly formative and something different; this is why the choice to combine a foreign language course with the study of various dance techniques. “The selection of professional master teachers from different countries around the world, and the variety of the disciplines studied make this project a unique experience”, say the students who have so far taken part in the course ".

Scholarships that change your Life!

Since the first year, thanks to the precious collaboration with international dance schools and dance companies, we have been able to provide scholarships of considerable economic and professional value. For many of our students who have been awarded one of our scholarships, participating to our camps has been a radical change in their lives. Most of them live in new countries and have undertaken a professional study of dance and others after a period of training have been hired from dance companies.


Gianluca Blandi

Gianluca Blandi

Danzatore, coreografo, insegnante di danza classica, danza moderna e contemporanea, istruttore Pilates, maestro Reiki. Dopo il diploma in danza classica e moderna inizia uno studio di danza professionale e arti performative presso l’accademia Pierlombardo (Milano), diretto da Susanna Beltrami....

Our Team

  • Martina Cesari

    Martina Cesari

    Martina è un'appassionata organizzatrice di eventi, un'anima entusiasta e creativa. Dopo la laurea...
  • Sarah Micallef Smith

    Sarah Micallef Smith

    Sarah Micallef, maltese dalla nascita, ha studiato ACCA e lavora in contabilità. Sarah è anche...
  • Ana Valentina Perez Molina

    Ana Valentina Perez Molina

    È nata in Venezuela. Danzatrice contemporanea e istruttrice Fitness. Ha iniziato la sua carriera...
  • Evelyn Thais Gonzalez Puertas

    Evelyn Thais Gonzalez Puertas

    È nata in Venezuela. Graphic designer dall’Istituto di tecnologia “Antonio José de Sucre” e...