• Blandi International Dance Events
    Blandi International Dance Events
  • Blandi International Dance Events

    We organize Professional Dance Courses in different countries around the world and through a combination with Language Courses, we offer our students the opportunity to grow and acquire professional skills; the goal is to prepare them to work professionally.

Every year thanks to the collaboration with international dance schools and companies, we deliver several scholarships for different countries in the world.
Build your Future
We have been able to provide scholarships of considerable economic and professional value. For many of our students who have been awarded, participating to our camps has been a radical change in their lives. Most of them live in new countries and have undertaken a professional study of dance and others have been hired from dance companies.
Everyone on stage!
At the end of the campus thanks to the final show, students have the chance to perform on stage next to professional dancers and choreographers well known worldwide.
Learning by Dancing
One of few dance campuses linked to a language course where students, thanks to an innovative method, have the chance while dancing, to learn a new language. Besides the foreign languages, we offer different dance classes (Classical Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance, Hip-Hop, Yoga, Flamenco).

Upcoming Events

IDASC Madrid 2019

15th – 19th April 2019

International Dancing Spanish Campus 

Professional Dancing Course & Spanish language Classes


Join us to this fantastic Spanish City for a week full of dance! Several dance Master teachers coming from different countries are waiting for you!

IDEC Malta 2019

2nd – 6th September 2019

International Dance English Campus

Professional Dance Classes and English Language Course


Choose IDEC Malta as your 2019 study holiday!
Come and study in the sunny Maltese islands with teachers from all over the world.

Steve Jobs
Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other opinions drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. (Steve Jobs)

Investing in education is the best way for parents to make sure their children are successful in life.

The combination of different dancing techniques and a language course makes this project something completely new in the world of dance summer campuses and language courses; the project is suitable for people from 6 years old onwards (professional dancers included). Nowadays, learning more languages is a must in every single job!

The language course will be held using a completely innovative format that gives students skills that can be used in everyday life. A team of experts will guide take care of the students through the whole project.


Kids Program

Blandi International Dance Events organizes a course for kids.

Children from 6 till 10 years old that want to start studying in an international environment can apply and take part to the course. A specific program suitable for them is prepared by the guests teachers; classes lead to the creation of
choreographies performed at the end of the week during the final show.
Another reason to improve their skills with a professional approach from a young age.


Choreographer's Program

This year we have a course for choreographers and dance teachers – it will be held from the 2nd till 6th September.
Knowing how important it is for each teacher/choreographer to keep up-to-date, discuss, have new ideas, experiment and search new movements, we have organized a program suitable for those that every day work in the studio teaching and choreographing.
The subjects studied are: contemporary dance (different styles), dramaturgy, choreographic composition. On September 6th, during the show of the gala night, participants will have the opportunity to share the work created during the course. We have an international casting of teachers, part of them working in dance universities and part are directors of professional dance companies.
We want to create unique growth opportunities that enrich you during and after our event. That’s why we decided to offer two scholarships to our most committed candidates:

• Classes at Steps on Broadway of New York City!
• Invitation to our next event as a guest choreographer!

Are you a dancer/choreographer and you are looking for a platform where you can improve your dance and choreographic skills and at the same time have the chance to win scholarships that could change your life for good?

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