IDEC Malta 2019 En

IDEC Malta 2019

2nd - 6th September 2019

International Dance English Campus
Professional Dance Classes and English Language Course
Choose IDEC Malta as your 2019 study holiday!

Come and study in the sunny Maltese islands with teachers from all over the world.


The combination of the study of dance and the English language makes this project something entirely new in the world of dance summer campus and English language courses, project suitable for persons from 10 years up.

Nowadays English is a must in all sectors without exception! Investing into education is the best way for both parents and students to ensure a bright future and a successful career.

The language courses will be held using a complete new format that will have an excellent impact on everyday life. The main target is to provide the opportunity to those who want to work in an international professional careers.

A team of experts will guide the students during the summer campus, awarding them, at the end, with international scholarships for some of the best dance schools and companies on a global level.

Dance Classes

An international team of teachers will be personally following the classes. By studying choreography and composition, students will be challenged to create a short dance routine which will be performed during the final gala.

Every year many different dance styles will be teached: Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Commercial, Yoga & Pilates, Choreographic composition, Flamenco.

Choreographer's program

This year we have a course for choreographers and dance teachers – it will be held from the 2nd till 6th September.
Knowing how important it is for each teacher/choreographer to keep up-to-date, discuss, have new ideas, experiment and search new movements, we have organized a program suitable for those that every day work in the studio teaching and choreographing.
The subjects studied are: contemporary dance (different styles), dramaturgy, choreographic composition. On September 6th, during the show of the gala night, participants will have the opportunity to share the work created during the course. We have an international casting of teachers, part of them working in dance universities and part are directors of professional dance companies.
We want to create unique growth opportunities that enrich you during and after our event. That’s why we decided to offer two scholarships to our most committed candidates:

• Classes at Steps on Broadway of New York City!
• Invitation to our next event as a guest choreographer!

We are looking for motivated people who want to take the step forward in their studies and careers! Are you a dancer/choreographer and you are looking for a platform where you can improve your dance and choreographic skills and at the same time have the chance to win scholarships that could change your life for good?

Our Teachers

Gli Insegnanti

  • Martina Cesari

    Martina Cesari

    Martina è un'appassionata organizzatrice di eventi, un'anima entusiasta e creativa. Dopo la laurea...
  • Sarah Micallef Smith

    Sarah Micallef Smith

    Sarah Micallef, maltese dalla nascita, ha studiato ACCA e lavora in contabilità. Sarah è anche...


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